About Us

“BIM is not about Software A or Software B, it should be about neutrality, integration, coordination and interoperability for information enabling it to be consumed and available to all project stakeholders.”

VICIS – A new team established to help building owners, designers, and constructors obtain business benefits through ‘real’ Building Information Modelling. Not just 3d, 4d, 5d but real-time data mining enabling design and construction information validation.

Vicis is founded to combine the knowledge, expertise and vision of its Directors. Our core business is the identification, definition and implemntation of BIM solutions; what sets us apart is that we focus on the tangible and as such our solutions are cost/return justified.

  • Sam Jack: Director

    Co-founder and business owner who specialises in Integrated Project Delivery and Lean principles through the use of CADE & BIM to provide whole life cycle value solutions to the Architecture / Engineering / Construction / Owner stages of projects.

    Sam has been involved with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and collaborative design for 21 years and co-founded Fulcro Engineering Services with Ben Haldin, prior to establishing VICIS with Stephan Jones. Sam has experience of most of the common procurement routes and understands the requirements for effective and efficient project delivery from the perspective of not only technology, but also as importantly the practical aspects of people & process.

    With the mandated adoption of BIM as a ‘game change’ response for the public sector this heralds a unique opportunity in the delivery and operation of building assets through the use of intelligent solutions. This integrated approach which maximise returns on investments for clients is the key driver for establishing Vicis so that the requirements can be met effectively & efficiently.

  • Stephan Jones: Director

    Having entered the world of construction in 1999 it soon became apparent that technology solutions were needed to address certain structural issues created by the configuration of teams on projects and their ability to share and manage information. Before 6 months had passed i founded Start-Global Ltd which went on to become known as Synchro Ltd. Construction 4D visualisation arrived and is now firmly implanted in the delivery of many projects globally.In 2009, after splitting with Synchro came the opportunity to work on the next generation of computer based planning systems and SUperPlan a construction simulation tool for Google Sketchup was born.

    In 2011, new innovative services and systems have been identified and working in partnership with co-directors Vicis is proudly able to offer design validation and a wide range of BIM consultancy and services that deliver tangible returns to our customers

  • Joost Wijnen: Associate Director

    Joost is founder of Cadvisual, a business created ‘to visualise CAD-data’ expressly to get validated quantities from parametric 3D models for life cycle costing analysis. The company focused on selecting, applying and training in the adoption and use of best of breed BIM solutions (now widely referenced as “openBIM”).
    Joost has a passion to focus on the ‘pre-bim’ and ‘post-bim’ stages; with a focus on the full lifecycle of the information in a project believing this to be the core of efficient and high quality projects. He enables professional and integrated multidisciplinairy online collaboration with data validation and visualisation which they have been realising for clients on landmark projects in the Netherlands. In 2006 Joost was co-founder of the Benelux BuildingSMART chapter.
    The consistent promotion and belief in BIM is reflected by their involvement in the creation and delivery of a 3 year course on Integrated Building and Engineering at the University of applied sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands. To carry this forwards and to expose it to a wider audience Joost and partners have established “bimacademy Netherlands” which aims for strategic high value education about open bim workflows and business cases.