A – Your BIM

Its your BIM, “We talk to you about your business and map the information and tools that you use.”Whether your business is contracting, designing, engineering, constructing, manufacturing, financing, operating, consulting, surveying, any other or any combination thereof we meet with you, you give us an overview of your business.

We then gather information about the processes, skills, information and tools used by your business and convert these into demonstrative maps of your business and processes.

Our “information flow maps” form the basis of our rated recommendations to you.

To give you a sense of how we compile our recommendations:

  • first we identify the essentials – these are potential bottlenecks starting which are generally dealt with starting upstream.
  • Secondly we calculate cost/benefits which we share with you, the result can weight its position in our recommendations list.

We then provide you with an overview of BIM

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