B – Recommendation

Recommendations. Our information flow mapping process and reporting illustrates the information gateways both internally and externally to your organisations. Issues relating to disconnectedness, inability to properly rationalise, non-reuse of and re-creation of existing information become apparent and resolved underpinned by future standards.

Recommendations are tailored to each organisation, these are weighted, valued and dependency driven. They are principally based on hardware, software, process and standards (in no particular order). One common theme across all our recommendations is the pledge to only make recommendations that deliver a tangible value proposition to our clients.

Some good news! not all recommendations cost money – in some instances the adoption of standards and the setting of requirements to suppliers is all that is needed to turn on the tap of information flowing into your business.

We believe strongly that the basis for any recommendation should be firmly situated in a defined and ambitious end goal (safer, faster, cheaper, more reliable, more predictable) This goal serves as the benchmark for all recommendations and becomes a living document that attracts comments and updates from your stakeholders to continually challenge and push for what inevitably becomes your “cutting edge”.

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