• Vicis Design Validation Engine
    When design is wrong its a headache; validate conformance and find out what you don’t know before accepting incomplete design. Our validation engine is an openBIM solution being able to run tests on BIM data to quickly identify test failures, presented as a clear report. Provided by Vicis on a SaaS basis. Customer defined validation criteria also competitively developed. Remember, validations are not only specific to design. They may be spatial, semantic, ontological, structural. What’s worse.. knowing? or not knowing?
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  • BIMserver & BIMsurfer
    BIMserver is a project information database; it stores all facets of project information. Most importantly it is a platform to connect construction professionals with the information they need. Vicis offers BIMserver as a hosted solution including BIMsurfer (a WebGL visualisation engine). Additional connections to and from BIMserver can be developed to customer requirements.Learn more
  • Nomitech CostOS
    Discover the advantage of Estimating directly on 3D models. CostOS BIM Estimating makes full use of all the benefits you can get by using the 3D model of your project (building, civil, oil & gas, energy, aerospace, shipyard etc). Its embedded 3D viewer allows you to navigate easily through it and autoselect entities.The quantity takeoff of your project (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical etc) can be massively accelerated and the accuracy you can achieve is unprecedented.Create your Bill of Quantities directly on your 3D model and see how it is built up while your estimate progresses. Use both your local/server cost database and the online commercial databases (Means, Richardson, Spon’s, NODOC) to find cost data that match the selected entities and directly assign this data to your model.Learn more
  • SUperPlan- 5D at the click of a button.This Google Sketchup plugin is developed to leverage your investment in design; whether in producing construction simulations or maximising your ability to value engineer your project. For Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Sub-contractors, Construction consultants and Construction Services providers SUperPlan is a productivity solution that gives you an instant view of project cost and time. SUperPlan provides you with a solution that supports your design decisions as they determine the cost and time required to deliver your project. Learn more