Design Validation

Requirements frame all design; they define best practice and the avoidance of issues. So why when requirements are set is design found to be wrong?There is more than one reason but the simplest and most common is a lack of checking whether by its originator or those responsible for accepting the design. This issue is often costly, it is certainly very common and there is now a solution.. don’t take our word for it BSRIA’sPitstopping guide” describes a process that allows construction teams to periodically reconsider critical design issues by focusing on issues of usability, manageability and maintainability from the perspective of the end user.Vicis conformance validation engine is a “BIM” tool; it checks design against required validation tests and reports failures. Unlike any other validation engine, it doesn’t rely on the quality of your BIM data to produce results.

Why validate? The cost of manually validating design is simply calculated, a person will need to firstly find each instance required to be checked, then use a tool (ruler for paper/measure tool for electronic design) to assess the conformance to code requirements.
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Trial validations:

  1. Access panel size check to verify it’s proportions in a corresponding duct segment.
  2. Distance of access panel to duct damper.
  3. Access panel clearance.
  4. Distance of ceiling from access panel (for maintenance access)


ROI CalcIf each validation may takes 5 minutes and it takes on average 2 minutes to find each instance then using the validations listed above on a design with 1000 access panels.2 mins + 5 mins = 7 mins x 3 = 21 mins x 1000 instances = 21,000 minutes or 344 hours  or 43 days (@£24/hour = £8256.00)

… but i doesn’t stop there.. if you factor in iterations of design change and then overlay the capacity of a person to concentrate and correctly check all instances then the result is that it will take far more time and the results you gain will always be subject to error.

Do you experience issues with design conformity / quality? we offer a bespoke validation development service to run within our tried and tested framework..
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