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  • Refer other athletes
  • Receive 10% off for each
    athlete you refer

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How it works

  1. After setting up an account, you’ll be given a unique link to share with as many people as you want, however you want: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, text.
  2. When your referrals click on the link, they’ll be taken to a special page and given a code for $50 off a ZERO1 reservation at
  3. For every one of your referrals who makes a purchase, VICIS will refund you 10% of your purchase price. You can stack these rewards up to $950.
  4. You'll walk away with the NFL’s Top-Ranked helmet, possibly for free.


Work your way up the depth chart


When you register for THE PROGRAM, you earn your spot as a STARTER. This activates your code for $50 off a ZERO1 reservation reward to share with anyone you’d like. 

You can then start stacking up 10% off rewards to apply toward your ZERO1 order. You’ll get one for each athlete who orders using your unique code.


Become a PROGRAM CAPTAIN by referring five or more athletes who order a ZERO1. Reach CAPTAIN, and you’ll have earned 50% off your ZERO1.


Lead your team and reach MVP status by successfully referring 10 or more athletes who order a ZERO1. Reach MVP, and you’ll receive your ZERO1 helmet completely free.

Yes, completely free. You helped provide 11 players, an entire side of the ball, a ZERO1.

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