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Varsity helmets have a five (5) year warranty

Youth helmets has a three (3) year warranty

To honor the shell warranty (after the first year of use), reconditioning by a NAERA certified reconditioner is required every other year. Use only factory replacement parts to validate the warranty. 

NOTE:  Please check with your league for their helmet reconditioning requirements.

Although reconditioning is not required to validate the warranty period for youth helmets, it is recommended that a regular repair and replacement program be adopted until the helmet is retired.

Helmet internal parts are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.

Helmets covered under the warranties should be returned in whole with all internal components intact to the dealer from whom purchased, along with evidence of the purchase date, for return to the Manufacturing Company. Upon receipt, the helmet will be inspected for repair or replacement.

For complete details on the helmet warranty, warnings, and helmet care be sure to review the football helmet fitting guide that accompanies your new helmet and can also be found on this website.

Performance: You may replace or change any part or component of the Helmet System as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, alterations, additions or any component deletions or removals you make to the helmet may void this warranty and could adversely affect the protective capabilities of the helmet. Should there ever be any question regarding the warranty, evaluation, or function of a helmet and/or the component parts, please contact customer service.

Paint Warning:  Substances applied to the helmet shell which are not compatible with the shell material can cause deterioration, embrittlement and/or breakage, thereby exposing the wearer to unnecessary risk and danger. Usage of non-compatible parts, polishes and/or cleaners will render the helmet shell unsafe for further use and will void warranties. Use only approved primer, paint, thinner, polishes, and cleaners. For proper helmet painting, contact a NAERA Licensed Reconditioner or customer service.

Failure to comply can destroy shell integrity and void warranties.

If you have any questions concerning paint application, please contact VICIS customer service.

Use of Third Party and After-Market Products on VICIS Products

All helmets and faceguards are manufactured and certified to meet the current NOCSAE performance standards. Alterations, additions or any component deletions or removals made to the helmet or faceguard that do not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines may void any applicable warranty to the product and will void the NOCSAE certification of the helmet and faceguard.

VICIS and Certor Sports recommend against the use of any third party, aftermarket product or accessory that alters the fit, form or function of the helmet or faceguard. Third party, aftermarket products that are used on a Schutt helmet and do not follow manufacturer’s guidelines will void the NOCSAE certification and make the helmet or face mask illegal to use in most organized football leagues, games, or other activities.